Last night we checked out the premier of Mickey Bobby & Craig Snacks Grandfield #shotoverg1giveaway SHOTOVER contest submission at The American. These guys make some funny shit. Check out their video and vote for them cos' they're creative and deserve it more than the other nerds who want to win stuff. Just watch the vid below & vote HERE

International Female Ride Day: Vancouver

International Female Ride Day is coming up !! This will be the 4th year that Road Apples organizes a ride in Vancouver/BC. Last year we did Victoria @ Wheelies Motorcycles and it was a fucking blast. This year will be back in Vancouver but with a twist. We're going to meet at International Motorsports on 2nd Ave at 10:30am on May 6th, drink some coffee, do a raffle with prizes from Converse, Brixton, Stance & The Dream Roll and then head out towards the O.W.L Rehabilitation Centre in Delta. They're having an open house on the same day we're doing the ride (May 6th) so were going to go check out some owls and raptors and even watch one of these birds being released back into the wild.

Ladies only! Anyone is welcome to the meet up at International Motorsports but ladies only on the ride! See you babes soon! More information on the poster below or the Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/events/1791288931191865/

Becky Goebel International Female Ride Day

Dream Roll Instagram Contest

We're giving away a $200 Biltwell gift certificate on March 20th to the winner of our #DreamRoll 2017 ticket image winner. We shipped out the first batch of Dream Roll tickets last week & launched this contest: 

Take a picture with your ticket of of your ticket, post it on Instagram and hashtag #DreamRoll2017 

We will announce the winner on the 20th through our Instagram: @thedreamroll

Revolution Motorcycle Magazine Issue 40|Spring 2017

The Spring 2017 Issue 40 of Revolution Motorcycle Magazine marks the companies 10th year in business. I got to write my biggest article yet for it: an 8 page article on Adri Law and my trip down the Baja that I named: Baja Brats, Becky Goebel & Adri Law's Unexpected and Unsafe Motorcycle Trip South of the Mexicali Boarder. They're on the shelves at Wal-Mart, Shoppers Drug Mart, 7/11 etc. Or just buy a subscription because I just finished writing another big article for their next issue coming out in the Summer!

Aside from writing for the mag, I also recently took over the companies social media. Follow @revolutionmotorcyclemag on Instagram and Revolution Motorcycle Magazine on Facebook! I will be heading to Giddy Up Texas next month to cover the event for the magazine and we also have heads in Daytona next week for bike week, so lots to look at and keep updated on!

Becky Goebel Baja Brats
Becky Goebel Revolution Motorcycle Magazine

The One Motorcycle Show

The One Motorcycle Show is always a wicked time. This is the 3rd year in a row that I went down with Yamaha master Tory Potoroka from Dirt First Dirt Last. Last year he brought down his SR cafe/tracker and this year he brought down his XT500 chopper build. 

It's rad being able to tag along with a builder from the show because I get to watch all the builders roll their bikes in and see who built what. This year my favourite bikes were the Canadian chopper crew obviously, Tyler Lepore's Panhead which won Best Chopper & Kenneth from Moto Galore's Flathead OH MY GODDDDDDDDD. I spent a lot of the weekend doing some content creation for Vancouver based brand Hitcase, so here's a couple pictures I took with their new product:

Steph and her XT Chop

Steph and her XT Chop

Moto Galore's Flathead

Moto Galore's Flathead

Corey the GUT Shovelhead Dreaming

Corey the GUT Shovelhead Dreaming

Steph Huot, the little babe who now owns the XT500 chopper! 

Steph Huot, the little babe who now owns the XT500 chopper! 


Looking for a bike!

After a month on the road, I'm home. 2 weeks in LA for Paradise Road Show as well as some campaign work and then 2 weeks vacay in Mexico. Right now, I'm working on a 6 page article for Revolution Magazine about Paradise Road Show & am also looking for a vintage American chopper to write an article on for them. A local Vancouver/Seattle bike would be ideal!!

After the article comes out, I'll post some Paradise Road Show photos. I have a ton of content & the show was so pretty... can't wait to show them off! The highlights were 100% Chattys knucklehead & Dayton Likness's 49 FL Pan with this crazy small Sportster frame. There was a cool ass Thunderbird and Yaniv's Ford Chop top truck, but I don't know shit about cars. It was rad to see everything altogether though!

This coming weekend, we're at The One Moto show. Come say hey! I'll post some shit on that next week xo

Strange Vacation x Joshua Tree Blog Post

Lana took some photos at the Strange Vacation house we rented down in Joshua Tree during Babes Ride Out. Check them out on the SV site HERE. Jenny just called me and told me that she's already locked in the house we staying in for next years BRO... pretty stoked to go back down to Dusty's Ranch!! These babes are ruling.


Riders on the Norm

I am super stoked to be on the newest episode of Riders on the Norm! Check it out below. Thanks for having me guys!!

"Becky (@actuallyitsaxel) joins us this week to talk about all the events she has going on. From Loserpaloooza in Vancouver to The Dream Roll in Washington state, this chick has a lot on her plate! We discuss vintage dirt bikes, the link between snowboarding and bikes, and what it takes to put on Vancouver's largest moto inspired show. Follow her on instagram @actuallyitsaxel @thedreamroll @loserpaloooza and check out her blog Them Road Apples"