Dream Roll 2016 Announcements

Lanakila and I have been hammering away at the beginning phases of the 2016 Dream Roll. Yesterday we announced the dates for next summer, August 12-14th. The location is going to be the same as last year at the Flying L Lodge at Mount Adams in Glendale, WA. We didn't get to fully utilize the roads, rides, waterfalls or views last Summer because of the rain so this year, we've still got our unlimited space and hopefully no freak rain storm! I could not be more stoked to go back to that air strip.

Tickets are now available for sale on www.dreamroll.com and we also launched a new Facebook "community" page which will replace our event page and host as a more stable platform for people to contact us, see updates, and post their photos/thoughts/suggestions. Click on the image below to check it out!!