Artist Profile: Stacey Hagel


"Stacey is one of the most well-spoken and creative ladies that I've met around Vancouver. At first she comes off as a sweet sweet angel, then you hear her speak and see the work she puts out on helmets, leather boots (leather burning), moto seats, gas caps etc. and you're just like, this chick is a fuckin boss" 

Instagram: @_sbcreative 

Why Art? It's how I communicate with the world.

What are your favourite things to draw? Past few years has been mandalas. They're the only thing that completely silences my mind and puts me into a meditative space almost immediately. Recently it's been eye balls. Three eyes are better than two.

What's your spirit animal? Barn Owl.

Who's your favourite artist and why? Don't have just one. Depends on era, media, and what my interests are at the given time. Some artists I've been watching more recently would be the works of Caitlind R.C. Brown, a mixed media artist out of Calgary. And the tattoo artist Silvija Sabinskaite out of Vilnius, Lithuania.

We heard you're into wheelies, tell us about it. Hey sometimes wheelies happen, don't fightem'

We've never sen you mad, but we'd love to. What makes you mad? Oh man, PEOPLE WHO DO NOT CHECK FOR MOTORCYCLES. Shoulder checks saves lives! 

If we came over to your house for dinner, what would you make us? It's got to be BBQ Hawaiian Burgers fresh off the grill.

Tell us about The Shop Vancouver Helmet Show you're going to be apart of? The Helmet Show has a great line up of artists from all different styles and backgrounds. I've talked to a few of the other artist and from sounds of it, they all got big plans for these helmets that will not disappoint.

What's your plans with the helmet you're designing for it? It's going to be a different style from any past helmet's I've done before. The opportunity for an open canvas doesn't come around that often, but when it does it's the chance to try something new and show off something different.