Artist Profile: Ali Bruce

"For these interviews we always ask, 'who's your favourite artist?' and honestly if you ask me, I'd tell you Ali Bruce is my favourite. Her work is everywhere. It's eye-catching, always relevant and really unique. Ali is such a rad girl too, always sticking to her guns and always doing something cool."

Instagram: @alitbruce


A/S/L: 24/female/Hastings Sunrise, Vancouver

Why art? It’s always been art. I always killed it in art class at school growing up, it was the best part of any day and did crafts and coloured all the time. 

What are your favourite things to draw? my favourite thing so to draw are: eyes, knives, ugly people, flowers, words and thoughts. I also really enjoy drawing severed body parts with little tattoos all over them.

What's your spirit animal? my spirit animal is an old chocolate lab, for sure.

Who's your favourite artist and why? It’s such an impossible question to answer, I don’t really have one favourite. When i was in highschool we we’re assigned to imitate a famous artist’s work and I chose Basquait; so he was a big inspiration in the beginning, to just draw without giving to much of a fuck was something I was into. There’s a ton of artists in Vancouver that i’m a fan of because they draw in a similar style as me, and some people that I’m a fan of just because of their positive work ethic, they’re doing their thing and even if I don’t relate to the style I still admire that they are crushing so much work.

I always see you ripping your bicycle around Vancouver. What are you thinking about while you ride? When I'm ripping my bike around i’m happy to not be thinking about much except about how great it is to be riding a bike, I try to have happy thoughts and listen to cool music and try to not get hit by any cars, it’s also fun to see how fast you can hammer around the city. I’ve never had a car and don’t have a driver’s license so my bikes always been my only vehicle, sometimes I rip and sometimes I just cruise. 

Favourite instagram page you follow? I just found this account that is dedicated to Simpson’s tattoos (@thesimpsonstattoo) and had a few good laughs looking at that. For artists recently I like @barbielongfox and I always enjoy looking at @slowerblack, @slow_culture is also really cool and @nomi_chi is a longtime favourite. 

What's your art-world pet peeve? Art world pet peeve? I don’t have many, generally I have pretty good interactions in the art world or scene, I guess a pet peeve would be when people lean on your work at an art opening in a small space or when people don’t answer e-mails. I’m trying to think of more but I think that people who get bitchy about the small things aren’t going to make the best artists.

If you could share a beer with anyone on the planet, who would it be? Action Bronson 

Worst part about doing art-related jobs for people/businesses? People who try to get you to copy other people’s work

You always got jokes. Tell us one. hey did you hear about the mexican train robber? he had loco motives.

Where are you finding ideas for your work these days? I find ideas from my work by talking about projects with friends, floating ideas by homies or hearing ideas of what people want to make. I also like the Emily Carr library, so many rad books.

Tell us about the shirt you're designing for The Shop Vancouver. So i’ve been wanting to design a shirt for the shop for a while, designing t-shirts can be weird, you want to make something that everyone including yourself would want to wear. I hope to make something that represents the vibe of the shop with a super illustrative style. I also like when t-shirts are under-designed and not overly photoshopped. I was thinking of drawing a reaper drinking a coffee wearing a shop shirt, or something like that, something lighthearted yet gnarly and metal at the same time, maybe i’ll just draw my favoirte things to draw and write “The Shop” in the middle of it.