Vancouver Tattoo and Culture Show

Vancouver local biker-babe, Stephanie Vu hooked up Road Apples with a media pass for this years Vancouver Tattoo and Culture Show. There was tons of rad flash to look through and artists to chat with. Pretty awesome how much talent we have in Canada, and to be able to see some stuff form outside the country as well. 

D-Boy Sanchez was the hardest to resist getting a tattoo from. His work has been a favourite for years and the flash he had ready to go was fucking insane. A trip out to Government Street Tattoo in Victoria is already in the works for this summer. Let us know in the "contact" section if you want to join.

Ryan Halter

Owner and tattooer at Steveston Tattoo Company was on set. This guy took home multiple awards including best back piece. 

Host of the convention, Samantha Mack, eating a weenie.

Garret Egles came out from Calgary. Here he is hammering out a killer thigh piece. 

Mitch Kirilo

Mitch Kirilo owner and tattooer at Gastown Tattoo Parlour was there with some rad flash ready to go.

Hyped to check this out this year. Best rainy-weekend past time!