International Women's Ride Day, Vancouver BC

Today RULED so hard in Vancouver, BC. May 2nd is International Women's Ride Day and a group of 30 women met at The Shop Vancouver to depart on a rip. After countless coffees were drank, multiple Harley Davidson backpacks were raffled off and many hands were shook, the group took off towards Deep Cove. 

The turn-out was incredible compared to a 7 person turn-out last year! The women's riding community is so legit and I love you all.

Smoke stack Wendy pulling into the Deep Cove pull-off.

Danelle and her new XS 400. Great to have some new faces come out.

Steph Huot was there on her 67' Honda Benley.

Julia Dennis is a boss.

If there are any more photos the you would like to share from todays ride, feel free to e-mail them to me! 

Have a safe and fun summer ladies, see you all at The Dream Roll!