Guest Spot: Blaine Connolly, Pemberton Flat Track

Blaine Connolly went up to the Pemberton Flat Track races this weekend with The Shop Vancouver crew. Here's his footage, pictures and words on what looked like a killer event...

We headed up the Sea-To-Sky early Saturday morning for the Flat Track races at the Pemberton Speedway. It was a perfect sunny day for some laps. The speedway hasn't had motorcycle races before so this was the dry-run and what hopes to be a new venue for future events. The day was as good as you could expect. It got pretty competitive on the track but it was all smiles and hand shakes in the pits. Shout out to the guys that made this happen: Sam Villanueva, The Shop Vancouver, and Great North Supply Co

-Blaine Connolly

Dean and Skylar fucking ripping the track

AJ on his little Elsinore CR125.

The bike that Sam built for the Harley-Davidson Ultimate Street Battle was on site. This thing is a beast and you can still vote for it online here.

Kristian didn't actually even race. Safe to say it was dirty as fuck up there.