Pre-Dream Roll Ladies Ride

A couple BC ladies got together at The Shop Vancouver and cruised up Mount Seymour. These babes all have really rad plans of getting down to the Dream Roll on Thursday/Friday. I got to learn about their routes, ideas and time frames. Some of them are heading over to the islands and taking multiple ferries throughout the coast before cruising in-land to the mountains. Some are straight shooting it Friday morning and some are driving with their cool little vintage bikes in the back of their trucks.

Even though we left at rush hour, our group stuck together all the way through the city. We managed to stay in a group even through 3 lane lane-switches and busy merges onto the bridge. It was pretty funny and every lady that showed up was just such awesome vibes.

Mount Seymour is one of my favourite rides. As soon as you hit the base of the mountain heading up, the road splits into 2 lanes and there is no cars in sight. It feels so cool to be riding in little groups of 4. I absolutely love watching ladies ride in person. Not able to talk to each other or use your phone and just be in the zone and be with each other brings us together in some weird way.

This little cruise got me so excited for next weekend. Can't wait to do this x10000 at the base of Mount Adams, WA in less than a week!