DicE Podcast

I landed in LA and within a couple hours, I found myself in some weird dudes bedroom that was set-up like a recording studio along side the "Chopper Hoes," Kahli Smith and Melissa of Moldie Goldies. Turns out, DicE Magazine wanted to interview my buds for their new Podcast because Melissa recently had a couple-page write up (and made the cover) in the newest issue of their mag. I got dragged along but ended up having a pretty fun night and got to know the dudes from DicE a little bit better - they crazy. Anyway, the episode got a lot of heat from the social media activists out there, but hey, maybe you should listen to it yourself and make your own opinions!

Chopper Hoes

You can listen to it for free on iTunes HERE - S1E3. Viewed discretion advised...