Notes on being a boss bitch

I recently put together a couple article for the new women's moto magazine: Hairpin. 

Check them out. The Girl Boss article here and the Dream Roll article here.


"Hairpin is based around motorcycling, but more than that, it’s the embodiment of a feeling that riding brings. It’s wild, whimsical and unrestricted. It’s about being in charge, having fun, being happy, being indulgent, being part of something. About taking life in your own hands and backing whatever happens.

Hairpin brings together this wave of free thinking and celebrates unity, both online and in traditional print media (soon-to-be-released, we’ll keep you posted!). We’re not here to appeal to the masses, so we aren’t safe and conservative. We’re here for one audience only – women who ride and women who love the road. 

We’re talking to moto babes all over the world about what’s going on in their neck of the woods. What they love most about riding and where they live; what ticks them off; the adventures they’ve had and the views they hold; and what topic is most likely to get the women they know debating passionately long into the night.

Hairpin is a supportive hub for our community - a sounding board, an advisor and a filter that will take you straight to the good stuff. Stay a while and have a poke around. Sometimes it’s nice to step out of your own bubble and take a look at someone else’s. Because you can never know too much about the world, or the sisters we share it with."