Women of Moto

Two badass Canadian ladies have organized a cross-country trip to get to know other ladies to ride. Ashleigh Kaliszuk and Micaela Wallace are departing Toronto on June 9th to begin the first leg of their trip. Their main goal is to met women who ride, document them, their personalities, stories and bikes and share their collection with the rest of us. To organize a meet up with their team, follow @womenofmoto and visit www.womenofmoto.com

Women of Moto Poster made by Amanda @blindthistle

Women of Moto Poster made by Amanda @blindthistle

Their schedule for th first part of summer:

·        May 9th – LAUNCH DAY!

·        May 10th – Dying Light Collective, Woman Builders workshop

·        May 11th – The Moto Social, Edmonton

·        May 16th – Fast Times Mag 2.1 Launch Party, Edmonton

·        June 9th – Eastern Canada tour: ride from Ontario – New Brunswick

·        June 16th – 19th – The Backroad Ball, Penobsquis New Brunswick

·        August 11th – 13th – The Dream Roll

·        More to come soon!