Women's Moto Exhibit

My girl Lana who runs The Women's Moto Exhibit asked me to shoot for her in California last week. I didn't think anything of it since I'm always just running around taking photos of cool looking people, but it turned out to be a really awesome experience. Having an excuse to walk up to a rad looking lady, ask her about her bike and story and then get to take their photo is actually really satisfying and created some really awesome memories and new friends. 

Women's Moto Exhibit

This is Carla. I walked up to her in the desert and asked her about where she was from.

"I just rode from Torrance, California up to Canada then over to Sturgis. The ride was 3900 miles. I took this bike with my husband who has the same one, but his is black & blue."

For more babes and more stories check out Lana's site: www.womensmotoexhibit.com and her Instagram: @womensmotoexhibit

Babes Ride Out

Babes Ride Out 3 was a massive event this year with over 1,200 ladies in attendance. It was my first year at the event so I flew down, got hooked up with a 2015 48' Harley Davidson from the boys at Glendale Harley in LA and rode to Joshua Tree, CA with over 50 ladies who showed up at the pre-Babes Ride Out meet-n-greet at the dealership. The event was more than I could have ever imagined it was going to be in terms of structure, vibes, music and good looking chicks! Thanks to Ashmore and Anya who put so much hard work into something like this and giving me a reason to come explore the desert on an amazing motorcycle with hundreds of fucking killer girls. I brought along a shitty film camera and decided to just post the photos that I developed from it, so here ya go:

"Babes Ride Out" Meet-up and Ride

Babes Ride Out is coming up soon! I'll be flying down to LA and riding out to Joshua Tree from Glendale Harley Davidson on Friday October 23rd. This is the "official" Meet-Up and Ride and all you lady riders are welcome! Lots of rad stuff going on here, such as a free breakfast supplied that starts at 10am, free maintenance checks, Harley Davidson rentals are only $50/day and we will be riding out with the babes from The Litas Los Angeles! Check Glendales site, or the Facebook event page for more details.

I am also shooting photos for The Women's Moto Exhibit during the BRO3 weekend starting at this meet-up. I'll be shooting a ton of photos the whole time but come find me or let me know beforehand if you'd specifically like your picture taken for the site/instagram!

Glendale Harley Davidson

Babes Ride Out Meet-up @ Born Free

"Are you a woman that rides and not just on the back of someone else's bike? Well if you are and you'll be at Born-Free then you better check out the Babes Ride Out meet up at BF7 in the Born A Bad Seed booth to kick off Babes Ride Out 3  from 1-2pm Saturday June 27th at Born-Free! The Born A Bad Seed booth will be located on the corner of the pond under the trees along with another sponsor, The Shop from Vancouver. "

- Born Free 7 blog

See you there!