Born a Bad Seed: Girls From the North Country

We drove up to Pemberton, BC for a day in the mountains with Born a Bad Seed and Amanda Leigh Smith. Amanda shoots amazing film photos and curated this shoot with the Bad Seed crew. "Girls From the North Country" is one of my favourite shoots we've done and I could not be more excited to be a part of it as well as be a part of this group of ladies. at the end of Summer 2016, we are launching a "Bad Company" market place on the Born a Bad Seed website where you will be able to purchase brands we love and wear, collaborated products curated by some of our favourite artists, seamstresses and leather makers, as well as some products that are locally made and totally exclusive to the Bad Seed site! We are wearing a couple things in this shoot that will be available on Bad Company, so keep your eyes out and watch for the launch later this year x

Amanda Leigh Smith

“Girls From The North Country” 
Born A Bad Seed S/S ’16 - - @bornabadseed
Photography by Amanda Leigh Smith - - @a_leighsmith
Produced by Jill Whitford
Styled by Alberta Randall - @albertarose
Modeled by: Becky Goebel - - @actuallyitsaxel
And Taylor Gardiner - @_verychill"

International Female Ride Day 2016

We're changing this up this year for International Female Ride Day & heading over to Victoria, BC. Stoked to team up with Wheelies Motorcycles where we will be meeting on May 7th at noon. We will hangout there for an hour while ladies can drink coffee, eat breakfast, chat and participate in a free raffle we are putting on with prizes donated to us by The Dream Roll, Born A Bad Seed, Loser Machine and Wheelies. After the hour, we will head out on a a group ride led by Tori Drew, Kate Snyder and myself. The route will be scenic, easy and mellow so all riders, bikes and skill levels are welcome to come with. For any questions, go to my 'contact' page and shoot me an email!

Becky Goebel

Strathcona Tattoo 1 Year Anniversary Party

Strathcona Tattoo had their 1 year anniversary party this weekend in Vancouver. Jesse Albert had his crew along with guest tattooer D-Boy Shanchez doing walk-ins all day. I dropped by the shop around 2 and the guys were so rammed that I had to come back after closing time. These guys pumped out some wicked tattoos and had all their customers full of beers and pretzels all day long. Afterwards, the party continued two doors down at The Heatley where Elliot "River Wolf" played some of his records. Strathcona gave out 100 free beers and there were door prizes raffled off which were donated by local companies like The Shop Vancouver, Born A Bad Seed, Rish Jewelry and of course a couple hours of tattoo time. The local shops in Vancouver do an awesome job, thanks for a good night!!

Born Free 7

We just got back from 2 weeks on the road so this mega post is ready to happen. Born Free was really awesome and probably one of the best put together events I have been to. It was the first BF for me and I will for sure be going back next year.

Max Shaaf build this knuckle and rode it all the way to Born Free to raffle it off. Was pretty cool watching someone win this baby.

Tons of road warriors on their way to Cooks Corner to drink a hundred beers

Jangus drove down from Vancouver, BC with his and his buddies bike in the back of his Ford Ranger in less than 24 hours. He got to LA right as the Chun party which was releasing the new Dice Mag was going on. Turns out this naked babe was all over his bike in a couple pages of the new issue. This dude and his bike rules.

TJ from The Shop Vancouver who we drove down from Canada with had painted a tank for the art and fuel show they had set up at Born Free. The artists involved were really inspiring and it was rad how much diversity there was. Tj and The Shop will be giving away the tank he painted over the next couple weeks so keep an eye out for that via @theshopvancouver instagram page.

Chicks at the Babes Ride Out meet up the first day. Was so cool to meet a ton of ladies who I talk to online and who I'll be spending time with this summer. Here's Corinne modelling for Jennys new company Strange Vacation.

Jenny @hookersandpopcorn

Jenny @hookersandpopcorn

Never thought I would be so thankful for clouds.

Babes Ride Out Meet-up @ Born Free

"Are you a woman that rides and not just on the back of someone else's bike? Well if you are and you'll be at Born-Free then you better check out the Babes Ride Out meet up at BF7 in the Born A Bad Seed booth to kick off Babes Ride Out 3  from 1-2pm Saturday June 27th at Born-Free! The Born A Bad Seed booth will be located on the corner of the pond under the trees along with another sponsor, The Shop from Vancouver. "

- Born Free 7 blog

See you there!