Hotel Tacoma

Hotel Tacoma: Not 100% sure what I'm getting myself into this weekend, but after watching this video - I think it's going to be good. Last year was the first year that Toyota did their "Hotel Tacoma" activation in Arizona. They invited 96 influencers, athletes, Insta cool peeps, and all around awesome people to their "5-Star" 3-day adult-play place in the middle of no where, gave them all a truck, Yamaha dirt bike & Polaris side by said and let them go to town. This year the event is somewhere in Oregon and I only know that because I'm flying into Portland... Let the games begin dudes!! I am so ready. I will do another post when I get home. In the meantime, follow along on mine and Jenny's Instagram accounts: @actuallyitsaxel & @hookersandpopcorn