Stay Wild EXPO

On the Saturday of the Stay Wild Magazine EXPO happening this weekend in Portland, there is a field trip called the Dream Roll: Ride to the Coast. I will be leading a ride from Portland to the coast with a ton of 'secret stops' along the way. We will meet at 9am at the World Forestry Centre: 4033 SW Canyon Rd, Portland and we will ride all day! Food, drinks and a gift bag are included. Did I mention this is a co-ed ride?? There are only 25 tickets being sold to this EXPO field trip and there are only 6 left so get your hands on one! You can buy a ticket here -->

Excited to get back to Portland and do some more riding. The forecast is totally sunny and I'm bringing a crew down from Canada for the weekend so lets get weird!

The Wild Ones

We have announced another killer moto trip that consists of motorcycling around parts of Europe, meeting other ladies motorcyclists and having a dream ride come true. It's called "The Wild Ones" and it will be taking place throughout the entire month of July, 2016.

"The Wild One’s tour celebrates the courage and spirit of women motorcyclists’, inspiring others to explore without boundaries. This July, The Women's Moto Exhibit will ride on motorcycles through the Alps; starting in Austria, moving through Switzerland and ending in Italy. The journey will begin in the small village of Meiming, Austria, travel through the breathtaking Rechen pass, through the hundreds of tight switchbacks of the Oberlap Pass in Switzerland, to the witch shaped mountain of The Matterhorn, and end in the Dolomites of Italy.Not only will the ladies visit historic landmarks and events, they will also meet and connect with communities of women motorcyclists along the way. Their goal is to inspire and share stories; to illustrate that women are capable of anything. Lanakila MacNaughton, photographer of The Women’s Moto Exhibit, will document the journey and share it with the world in real time. Lanakila’s work has been published in many media outlets, including Oprah Magazine, People, Huffington Post, and Elle Online. Her work has been seen as representing this new generation of women riders. The trip is Lanakila’s foray into European territory.

Wanderlust and travel are an endless search for clarity and understanding. This trip will be an adventure and to adventure is to be alive."

The Wild Ones

For more information on routes, meet-ups or how to get involved, visit

Bernadette Murphy: Harley and Me

A good friend of mine, Bernadette Murphy, has put her love for motorcycles and specifically her Harley into words. Bernadette started riding motorcycles at age 48 and tells her story about conquering her fears as well as overcoming stereotypes, life struggles and the process of learning to ride. This book is not released until May but I have had the chance to get my hands on it early enough to let you know it is worth a read. 

Dream Roll 2016 Announcements

Lanakila and I have been hammering away at the beginning phases of the 2016 Dream Roll. Yesterday we announced the dates for next summer, August 12-14th. The location is going to be the same as last year at the Flying L Lodge at Mount Adams in Glendale, WA. We didn't get to fully utilize the roads, rides, waterfalls or views last Summer because of the rain so this year, we've still got our unlimited space and hopefully no freak rain storm! I could not be more stoked to go back to that air strip.

Tickets are now available for sale on and we also launched a new Facebook "community" page which will replace our event page and host as a more stable platform for people to contact us, see updates, and post their photos/thoughts/suggestions. Click on the image below to check it out!!