Hawks Nest

The Hawks Nest in one of many East Vancouver workshop spaces. The boys in this spot are pretty funny to be around, and they've got a lot of cooks in the kitchen but they always seem to make shit run! Here's their space:

Becky Goebel
Benny Kauz
Them Road Apples
Road Apples
Becky Goebel
Becky Goebel

Bikes: Benny Kauz, Blaine Connolly, Andrew Grace, AJ McAllister, KC Winacott, Cory Gallon, Fuddy and probably one of these bikes is Tory Potoroka's in one way or another.

Artist Profile: Matt Redway

You see graffiti on the streets and read through cool fonts online and in magazine, but you never really think about how this stuff comes to be on paper first. The first time I got the chance to flip through Matt Redway's drawing book, I couldn't believe that he did this stuff all by hand with a felt marker. There's something so intriguing about an art form that you feel like you could never do yourself and lettering is totally one of those things. I got to sit down with Matt when he helped me out with the graphic for Road Apples and I couldn't help but want to do an Artist Profile with him. 

Instagram: @redway

ASL: 30 / M / Vancouver, BC

Where are you from and what did you go to school for? I'm From just outside London originally, went to Sussex university to study Psychology. Then I moved to Perth, Australia, and studied just enough graphic design to get a job for a small local studio.

Matt Redway

How did you start doing lettering? I basically have always loved drawing letters, I used to draw big graffiti pieces all over my books at school. I just didn't know you could make a living out of it until much later on. When I started studying graphic design I rediscovered my passion for drawing letters and have done it ever since, for fun as well as for work.

Do you consider yourself more an artist or more a graphic designer? Well I'm definitely a graphic designer at my day job, because we get given briefs which we then interpret into creative work, which then has to get past various levels of management before getting approval. I guess I'm more of an artist in my spare time since I sort of just draw and paint whatever I feel like (that's where the paintings of colourful dancing characters came from) with no client or boss telling me that it's not quite the right feel, or asking if we can just add some more "pixie dust" (yes, a client actually said that once!)

Matt Redway
Where are you working now and what does it entail? I work at Lululemon's Head Office in Kits, designing branding for some of their initiatives, such as the SeaWheeze festival and Holiday campaign. I've even managed to sneak some hand-lettering into the latter, which is sweet! I've also been allowed to paint a massive mural on one of our interior walls which is letting me live the graf artist life I've always wanted.
What would be an ultimate goal/dream come true for you and your work? To make a solid living from just lettering, calligraphy and painting murals. 
Matt Redway

What inspires you to really love a piece that you are working on? No idea. Sometimes a piece looks rad in my head and then looks crap when I draw it out, but sometimes it unexpectedly comes together and I love it. If it's pure lettering or calligraphy, then spacing is a big thing - if I can get the spacing right between letterforms, then I usually buzz off it. 

Who influences you the most, art wise or not? Art-wise: Keith Haring, Ed Templeton, the french guy, Don Pendledon, Fos, Steven Harrington, Geoff McFetridge, Kevin Lyons, anyone with a skate or graf background or that paints bright bold, colourful characters or shapes. Lettering and type-wise: Ken Barber, Sergei Shapiro, Gemma O'Brien, Erik Marinovich, Kris Sowersby, David Milan... There's tons more than I can't think of right now - the internet is full of talented people!

More of Matts work on his site www.mattredway.com

Spit N' Shine 3

The 3rd Annual Shop Vancouver Spit N' Shine went down on Saturday over at Crab Park in Vancouver. Bikes started showing up an hour before the thing was even suppose to start and we knew it was going to be big. It was about 5 times bigger than it was last year, so good thing we hosted it in a massive parking lot instead of trying to have it on the closed off block in front of The Shop. 

TJ called out the name of the first ticket pulled for the 2006 Paul Smart Ducati and the dude was standing right in the front all ready with all of his tickets. It was pretty awesome to see someone actually be there win it. 

Pretty hyped on this weekend and all the people that came from out of town to be a part of it. We had the dude who won Best In Show at Born Free 7 hanging around with his winning bike as well as some Portland folk and photographer Mikey Revolt who flew in from Ohio. Always a good weekend to be around and a good warm up before Disaster Daze happens this coming weekend!

Here's the full-length event video made by Blaine Connolly who's been putting them out there lately.

3rd Annual Spit n Shine from Blaine Connolly on Vimeo.

3rd Annual Spit n Shine hosted by The Shop Vancouver

The Whip Show and Shine

The 2015 East Vancouver Vintage Bike and Car Show happened yesterday outside the Whip restaurant right off Main & 6th. Steph and I hopped on the bikes in the morning to go drink coffee and check it out. I love casual shows like this where cars and bikes just roll in and out through the crowds all day.