Guest Spot: TJ Schneider, Born Free Pre-Party

It's fucking cool because you'll never meet a guy that so many people are stoked on, be so stoked on other people. This past weekend Tj got to go stoke-out down south in Inglewood California for the Born Free 7 Pre-Party at the Garage Company. When you see The Shop Vancouver van roll through Born Free this summer, make sure you come say hi! Here's Tj's words on his trip:

It’s been a few years since I’ve been to a bike event down in California. 

When we sponsored Born Free this year, I didn’t want to be like most companies that just show up and try to make their money back. 

For us at The Shop, this event is about supporting an event and people that really made a difference in my life. 

I wonder if I hadn’t gone down to Born Free, maybe I wouldn’t have met Brett ( co-founder of The Shop Vancouver ) Maybe I wouldn’t have had a reason to talk to Grant and Harpoon at Agenda years ago about their brand FMA… Who knows , maybe I wouldn't have been so mind blown and fallen so head over heels in love with the vintage bikes I swoon over every day. 

When I went to Born Free originally, I had already finished my first chopper. 

I loved that bike, but what I saw that day changed my idea of what was possible with them. 

Bikes like The High Little pony inspired me to build a Triumph, Paint from Gen Love Ear Art, inspired me to do my own paint work… 

The show inspired The Spit n Shine… The level of inspiration is literally too much for me to explain.. and has led to us now not only being sponsors of the show, but being invited to be a part of elements I never thought possible with the Art and Fuel exhibition by Throttle Addiction and Chop Cult. 

I went down to this weekends event to show and let people really know how grateful we are to be a part of this event. 

I went down to see old friends, meet people we do business with and meet so many of the people we interact with on the daily via our online lives. 

I mean shit, thats what this is all about right… it’s social media, Its about being social, not being the coolest fucker on the block. 

I had great intentions of shooting tons of flicks, but got caught up in checking out peoples bikes, their paint, shaking hands, giving hugs and being stoked. 

Here are a few of my moments from Saturdays event at Garage Company. 

I spent a good amount of time with Wil Thomas of TriCo.. Wills 47FL is a true Beauty. We stopped in to see Wil the day before at his store, it feels like a home away from home of us. 

Ben the Boog, paint by Spagetty

Ben the Boog, paint by Spagetty

Als bike of Black Board Cafe

Als bike of Black Board Cafe

Unknown artist: Awesome bubbles.

Unknown artist: Awesome bubbles.

Because I was recently invited to take part in the Throttle Addiction Art and Fuel 2 exhibition, I spent a good amount of time tripping out over the paint. 

I love the old paint bikes and have so many ideas of what I would like to do for my tanks… I also spent a good amount of time saying “ fuck look how great this is” only to realize that those tanks were painted by Gen, Spagetty or Harpoon, 3 of the very talented artists of the 9 others in the show… I’m nervous. 

Theres something about Old Paint… to me it doesn’t matter if its the rarest old Knuckle with original paint that's perfect or some weird old rusted out shit box. There is nothing better. 

Yoshi, has an eye. I love the set up of this space.

Chris Mumma has a BEAUTIFUL Pan that was put together by Jason of ATR. This one caught my eye from across the street earlier in the day, I was stoked I was able to grab a second flick as Chris waited for his Home Boi before jamming out. 

I love this shit!