Born A Bad Seed

I first saw Born A Bad Seed at the east-side flea market and it stood out right away. Simple but bad-ass graphics screen printed on repurposed vintage blanks is what instantly caught my eye. Jill curated the Born A Bad Seed logo and shirts at first just for trades and never had any intention of selling them. Born A Bad Seed now has several employees, tons of followers and is a fully functional company that Jill runs day-to-day like a fucking boss.

"Im kinda just doin' it and I'm just gonna keep doin' until I have an idea of what I want to do with it."

Born A Bad Seed has emerged into the ladies motorcycle scene, especially after pumping out the Babes Ride Out tees that were everywhere last Summer. When you think of Born A Bad Seed, you picture babes on bikes, drinking beers and doing whatever the fuck they want. When I asked Jill what her target market was she just said "like-minded young creative individuals." So far, that's exactly what I see in chicks wearing her gear.

Born A Bad Seed is travelling down to the outskirts of LA to Born Free this Summer to set up a booth. Her plans at the event are to execute everything that Born A Bad Seed is online- in person and to take the whole collective, the whole bad-ass women collective, and turn it into an experience in person at the booth and at the event, and bring everyone all together, just like it has on social media. 

Jills company has been growing like crazy over the past couple months and things seem like they're only getting bigger and better. This month, Born A Bad Seed is moving into a new studio on Commercial Drive in Vancouver, BC and big things are ahead so look out for them!

" What comes next is whatever comes next. Everyday I hope that's a dump truck full of shitty old blank t-shirts."