Virgina's Harley: A Girl's Bike

Gotta love that east coast VirNinja Hall. There's a tonne of creative stuff coming out of the Hall/Cagney household these days. This power couple made a video that I've see pop up numerous places on the web. Check it out!

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On The Spot: Brittany Wood

I met Brittany online long before I ever met her in person. She's one of those people who you'll see support her buddies in the most positive and selfless way. When I met her in real life times, she was no different. Brittany is a totally successful, down to earth and badass little lady... Plus, she's got a dog named Pizza. I'm glad to now be able to call her my friend. A couple weekends ago we spent a few days in the desert riding around in the sunshine where I asked her the Road Apples : On The Spot questions and took this chill ass photo of her badass-ness 

A/S/L: 26/Female/Los Angeles 

The best trip you’ve ever been on?: Hm, there’s so many trips I want to do, but so far my favorite trip has been Borrego, California. That place is so magical , and so alien to me. It’s out in the middle of nowhere, with these monstrous sculptures, and abandoned hotels. It looks like a post-appocolyptic Palm Springs.

Tell us something that’s on your bucket list.

I’ve only really ridden around California, so it’s been a huge goal of mine to venture past my homeland’s boarders, and do some exploring across the US. BUT, with the way it’s looking, I’ll be doing some roaming through Europe with the ladies of VCMC, before that US trip happens.

If we came over to your house for dinner, what would you make us?

PFT! What WOULDN’T I make!? Just kidding…I’m a terrible cook. Maybe grilled vegetables, because that’s all I can make/eat. Hope that’s cool with you?

Favourite Instagram page you follow?

Lately I’ve been pretty obsessed with @PumpkinTheRaccoon, because c’mon…raccoons. I also love following @tamararaye, @mouthfulofjoy, and @anyavioleteuniverse. They’re three incredibly rad, talented women who are literally kicking ass, and are people I really look up to in the moto scene. I’ve always wanted to try my luck on the track, and I feel rather envious of their skill, and confidence doing so

Do you ride with any women? : 

Yup, but I wouldn’t call us an “MC." I do have a pretty tight knit crew of ladies I can regularly text at 6am, and be like “Get your hungover ass out of bed, and let’s ride,” but I’m always up for riding with different people - men and women. I feel like I’m a rather social person, so I love the fact that riding has opened the doors to so many friendships with women who share my passion. 

What’s your bike(s)?:

It’s a rusted up ‘93 HD Sportster XL1200

Babes Ride Out

Babes Ride Out 3 was a massive event this year with over 1,200 ladies in attendance. It was my first year at the event so I flew down, got hooked up with a 2015 48' Harley Davidson from the boys at Glendale Harley in LA and rode to Joshua Tree, CA with over 50 ladies who showed up at the pre-Babes Ride Out meet-n-greet at the dealership. The event was more than I could have ever imagined it was going to be in terms of structure, vibes, music and good looking chicks! Thanks to Ashmore and Anya who put so much hard work into something like this and giving me a reason to come explore the desert on an amazing motorcycle with hundreds of fucking killer girls. I brought along a shitty film camera and decided to just post the photos that I developed from it, so here ya go:

Hawks Nest

The Hawks Nest in one of many East Vancouver workshop spaces. The boys in this spot are pretty funny to be around, and they've got a lot of cooks in the kitchen but they always seem to make shit run! Here's their space:

Becky Goebel
Benny Kauz
Them Road Apples
Road Apples
Becky Goebel
Becky Goebel

Bikes: Benny Kauz, Blaine Connolly, Andrew Grace, AJ McAllister, KC Winacott, Cory Gallon, Fuddy and probably one of these bikes is Tory Potoroka's in one way or another.