'Mikey Revolt' Photo Show

Mikey Revolt from Forever The Chaos Life flew into Vancouver to put on a photo show during the Spit N' Shine weekend hosted by The Shop Vancouver. It was a killer kick off night and the beers were flowing (I feel like I say that a lot... we're always on the beers). Mikey is a rad dude and also does social media and other cool things for Lowbrow Customs so he's got a lot going on. Really great to meet everyone who came up over the past week and super excited for this to happen next summer!

Dude knows how to take a killer photo that's for sure. There was a couple bike builders who came up from Seattle on their bikes as well. There's Dalans bike pictured below.

Ashley had a baby that morning but that didn't stop him from crushing the 'Dad Bike' down to the show. 

Cory Jarman from San Fran also had a section at the show featuring his paintings. Check out his site here.

We got out for a ride with Mikey and his wife one night and it was pretty crazy. He takes photos like a mad man. He was on a bike he's never rode before on a road he's never rode before standing up on his pegs with no hands, looking through his camera, facing the wrong way in the wrong lane to get this shot (below). Love seeing behind the scenes shit like that. Hope to cross paths with you soon buddy!