Wild Ones: Alaska

Lanakila MacNaughton from the Women's Moto Exhibit is on her way to pick me up at my house in Vancouver and take me to Anchorage Alaska in her Sprinter van. For the next 2 weeks, we will be travelling around Northern Canada and Alaska on our own motorcycles for our second Wild Ones tour. Adri Law will be my flying up and joining us as well! Here is the schedule for our trip: 

July 18-19: Hatcher Pass

July 20-24: Seward and Kenai Fjords

July 25-29 Homer, AK

For a more detailed schedule and information on the trip visit: http://www.womensmotoexhibit.com/new-page-1/

Paradise Road Show

The first ever Paradise Road Show went down this past January at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs. Hosted by Lanakila MacNaughton from the Women's Moto Exhibit, Chase Stopnik from Cycle Zombies and Adri Law, LA based photographer and stylist, Paradise Road Show brought out 30 vintage motorcycles from pre-1960 and a dozen vintage hot rods. The weather was freakin' perfect and the crowd was good looking as hell. Here's a couple photos I took at the event. The rest are saved for the new issue of Revolution Motorcycle Magazine. Pick up a copy!

Paradise Road Show
Paradise Road Show Them Road Apples
Chatty's Knucklehead at Paradise Road Show

Chatty's Knucklehead at Paradise Road Show

Katie and Gus at Paradise Road Show

Katie and Gus at Paradise Road Show

Dayten Likness

Dayten Likness

Lanakila MacNaughton, one of the event organizers

Lanakila MacNaughton, one of the event organizers

Lana MacNaughton, Chase Stopnik and Adri Law: The organizers of Paradise Road Show

Lana MacNaughton, Chase Stopnik and Adri Law: The organizers of Paradise Road Show

Check out the next Revolution Motorcycle Magazine for more pictures and the full story on the event!

Strange Vacation x Joshua Tree Blog Post

Lana took some photos at the Strange Vacation house we rented down in Joshua Tree during Babes Ride Out. Check them out on the SV site HERE. Jenny just called me and told me that she's already locked in the house we staying in for next years BRO... pretty stoked to go back down to Dusty's Ranch!! These babes are ruling.


Dream Roll 2017 Women's Skateboarding COLLAB

Lana & I are stoked to announced that we have teamed up with Mahfia TV, Skate Like A Girl, & The Skate Witches for The Dream Roll 2017! We'll have a mini ramp out in the woods, skate lessons, swimming at waterholes, and live music. Get your ticket ASAP at www.dreamroll.com & use promo code "SKATE" to receive a free sticker pack from Mahfia TV and The Skate Witches. First 20 ticket purchases will also get a free Skate Witches Zine and Dream Roll tube socks! 

The Dream Roll

If you have already bought your Dream Roll 2017 ticket, don't worry. You can still get your hands on some wicked free stuff. In the next couple months, we will be giving away more socks, product from Biltwell & product from our sponsors through our Instagram page: @thedreamroll. The socks will also be available soon on the Dream Roll website & of course, at the event at our merch booth!

Riders On The Norm

My buddy Andy Carter of Pangea Speed is on the new episode of Riders On The Norm: "A podcast dedicated to choppers, Rock N' Roll, & everything in-between." Andy isn't my first buddy who is involved with this podcast, ROTN are in contact with lots of rad people doing relevant and awesome things in the community such as Lana MacNaughton, Chase Stopnik & JP Rodman. Listen to Andy's episode below or check out the long list of episodes at http://r1dersonthenorm.libsyn.com

Dream Roll 2017 Tickets Launched.

We've launched ticket sales for Dream Roll 2017. We're going to start shipping ticket packages out next month. First 50 tickets gets a free DR Tee & all packages get our new sticker. Get yours now on www.dreamroll.com

We also launched the official Dream Roll 2016 video production on location last August. Check it out below! x

Dream Roll, 3 days.

Pretty crazy its already been a year since the first Dream Roll. This years' event is coming up this weekend and things start with a Strange Vacation kick off party in Portland on Thursday night. For more information on tickets, addresses etc. visit www.dreamroll.com.

Here is the schedule for this years event:




11-1 - Meet at Two Stroke Coffee for a meet up and ride out to The Dream Roll 

Address: 8926 N Lombard St, Portland, OR 97203

Registration: Starts @ 3:00 pm

3-5pm - Arrivals and Registration:  Everyone needs to sign a waiver before entering camp

6-3am - Music, food, tattoos, beer and fun


7- 10 - Breakfast: Fruit, Juice, Coffee $2.00

Full breakfast available at lodge for $12 Email: flyingl@mt-adams.com

9 - 10:30 - Day Rides

1-:5 - GET OUT AND HAVE FUN! We will have a food truck at the location for lunch and dinner

• women are of course welcome to come back to camp at anytime during the day

5 - Dinner ( Food Trucks or go to town for some food)

6-7:30- Biker games & Raffle

7:30 -11 Live bands, food, beer, tattoos, fun, games


7-10 Breakfast

11: Clean up camp and head out!



We are back in the Western hemisphere after 30 days in Europe. The Wild Ones Tour went off seamlessly and was one of the most amazing experiences of our lives. On 2016 701 Husqvarna Supermotos we rode over 6,000kms through Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Chezch Republic and Slovakia. We rode up and down some of the most famous motorcycle passes in the world, through lightning storms, & with women from Estonia, Berlin, and all over Europe. We dropped bikes, wheelied bikes and rode bikes past castles, cows, waterfalls, and LOTS of people staring at us and wondering what the hell 3 young babes were doing on these big tall bikes giving zero fucks at all. 

The Wild Ones Alps tour was sponsored by Husqvarna, Converse and Sena Bluetooth. The trip was hosted by The Women's Moto Exhibit and we're already in the planning phases for the next one. If you'd like to get involved in a tour or be a sponsor, email us at womensmotoexhibit@gmail.com

Adri Law Photo

Liz Horton photo (and the rest!)