Wild Ones: Alaska

Lanakila MacNaughton from the Women's Moto Exhibit is on her way to pick me up at my house in Vancouver and take me to Anchorage Alaska in her Sprinter van. For the next 2 weeks, we will be travelling around Northern Canada and Alaska on our own motorcycles for our second Wild Ones tour. Adri Law will be my flying up and joining us as well! Here is the schedule for our trip: 

July 18-19: Hatcher Pass

July 20-24: Seward and Kenai Fjords

July 25-29 Homer, AK

For a more detailed schedule and information on the trip visit: http://www.womensmotoexhibit.com/new-page-1/

New York and BRO East Coast

It's been a couple days since I got home from my New York trip, but it feels like just yesterday. I am beat. That trip took it out of me. Being in the big city for the first time, not knowing anyone, riding a new bike around New York, riding with new people, not knowing where I was, and drinking a ton really drained me, but in the best way. 

Babes Ride Out East Coast 2 was so unreal. Just to see all my friends there from California and ride all these random crazy bikes around somewhere none of us knew was hilarious. We partied so hard, karaoke'd even harder and got pretty tight in the middle of no where. 

The roads there were super old, tight and cracked up. Everything was really green and empty of other vehicles. It was pretty crazy how quickly New York City disappeared and the old-school small-town vibes of New York State emerged. 

I wrote an article for Iron & Air that will be featured in their upcoming newsletter. They've gotten a hold of some of my photos as well! Keep an eye out for that, I will post it up on here as well. 

Next up: California for Born Free. Excited to get back to my LA babes!!

My bike for the week: Ducati Scrambler Desert Sled

My bike for the week: Ducati Scrambler Desert Sled

First time seeing these babes in a long time!

First time seeing these babes in a long time!

Breakin all the rules. 

Breakin all the rules. 

Us at the Woodstock festival grounds

Us at the Woodstock festival grounds

ATWYLD Becky Goebel Babes Ride Out
Riding around downtown New York was fucked.

Riding around downtown New York was fucked.

same same

same same

My other 2 wheels of the trip!

My other 2 wheels of the trip!

Myk Roc & His Fortress

We went out to Myk Roc's house on the outskirts of Vancouver, BC for a shoot with the Born A Bad Seed team. I had never been out there before but I heard it fucking ruled. Myk is a custom painter, pin striper and a collector of everything rad. This is his fortress.

Babetown Myk Roc hanging out in his "things for sale" room.


The Shop Spin N' Shine Weekend

If you're in Vancouver this weekend and ride a bike/have a bike/like bikes/saw a bike once, you probably already know about all the shit that's going on around here. If you don't well I will tell you. Tomorrow (Friday) all the friends are coming to town and Mikey Revolt is putting on a photo show at The Shop Vancouver. It will be a party and I will be there drinking beers. 

The next morning is The Spit N' Shine where is normally located on the closed off street in front of The Shop but last year was too busy so this year, we're holding it down at one of the big lots in Crab Park which is walking distance from The Shop. Tons more room for a swap meet, food, music and lots more bikes, plus it's right down on the ocean. There will be an after party Saturday at SBC Skateboard which is in the area as well. If you're not in Vancouver, get the fuck up here and hangout with us!

No Dicks... Just Chicks

Hey chicks! For International Female Ride Day, Road Apples is hosting a ride departing from The Shop Vancouver on May 2nd at noon. Come meet there at 11am and pick up some coffee and donated prizes from Trev Deeley Harley Davidson. The ride will be very similar to what we did last year (to Deep Cove) except more chicks! All skill levels, bikes and babes welcome.

Born A Bad Seed

I first saw Born A Bad Seed at the east-side flea market and it stood out right away. Simple but bad-ass graphics screen printed on repurposed vintage blanks is what instantly caught my eye. Jill curated the Born A Bad Seed logo and shirts at first just for trades and never had any intention of selling them. Born A Bad Seed now has several employees, tons of followers and is a fully functional company that Jill runs day-to-day like a fucking boss.

"Im kinda just doin' it and I'm just gonna keep doin' until I have an idea of what I want to do with it."

Born A Bad Seed has emerged into the ladies motorcycle scene, especially after pumping out the Babes Ride Out tees that were everywhere last Summer. When you think of Born A Bad Seed, you picture babes on bikes, drinking beers and doing whatever the fuck they want. When I asked Jill what her target market was she just said "like-minded young creative individuals." So far, that's exactly what I see in chicks wearing her gear.

Born A Bad Seed is travelling down to the outskirts of LA to Born Free this Summer to set up a booth. Her plans at the event are to execute everything that Born A Bad Seed is online- in person and to take the whole collective, the whole bad-ass women collective, and turn it into an experience in person at the booth and at the event, and bring everyone all together, just like it has on social media. 

Jills company has been growing like crazy over the past couple months and things seem like they're only getting bigger and better. This month, Born A Bad Seed is moving into a new studio on Commercial Drive in Vancouver, BC and big things are ahead so look out for them!

" What comes next is whatever comes next. Everyday I hope that's a dump truck full of shitty old blank t-shirts."

Source: www.bornabadseed.com

Artist Profile: Ali Bruce

"For these interviews we always ask, 'who's your favourite artist?' and honestly if you ask me, I'd tell you Ali Bruce is my favourite. Her work is everywhere. It's eye-catching, always relevant and really unique. Ali is such a rad girl too, always sticking to her guns and always doing something cool."

Instagram: @alitbruce


A/S/L: 24/female/Hastings Sunrise, Vancouver

Why art? It’s always been art. I always killed it in art class at school growing up, it was the best part of any day and did crafts and coloured all the time. 

What are your favourite things to draw? my favourite thing so to draw are: eyes, knives, ugly people, flowers, words and thoughts. I also really enjoy drawing severed body parts with little tattoos all over them.

What's your spirit animal? my spirit animal is an old chocolate lab, for sure.

Who's your favourite artist and why? It’s such an impossible question to answer, I don’t really have one favourite. When i was in highschool we we’re assigned to imitate a famous artist’s work and I chose Basquait; so he was a big inspiration in the beginning, to just draw without giving to much of a fuck was something I was into. There’s a ton of artists in Vancouver that i’m a fan of because they draw in a similar style as me, and some people that I’m a fan of just because of their positive work ethic, they’re doing their thing and even if I don’t relate to the style I still admire that they are crushing so much work.

I always see you ripping your bicycle around Vancouver. What are you thinking about while you ride? When I'm ripping my bike around i’m happy to not be thinking about much except about how great it is to be riding a bike, I try to have happy thoughts and listen to cool music and try to not get hit by any cars, it’s also fun to see how fast you can hammer around the city. I’ve never had a car and don’t have a driver’s license so my bikes always been my only vehicle, sometimes I rip and sometimes I just cruise. 

Favourite instagram page you follow? I just found this account that is dedicated to Simpson’s tattoos (@thesimpsonstattoo) and had a few good laughs looking at that. For artists recently I like @barbielongfox and I always enjoy looking at @slowerblack, @slow_culture is also really cool and @nomi_chi is a longtime favourite. 

What's your art-world pet peeve? Art world pet peeve? I don’t have many, generally I have pretty good interactions in the art world or scene, I guess a pet peeve would be when people lean on your work at an art opening in a small space or when people don’t answer e-mails. I’m trying to think of more but I think that people who get bitchy about the small things aren’t going to make the best artists.

If you could share a beer with anyone on the planet, who would it be? Action Bronson 

Worst part about doing art-related jobs for people/businesses? People who try to get you to copy other people’s work

You always got jokes. Tell us one. hey did you hear about the mexican train robber? he had loco motives.

Where are you finding ideas for your work these days? I find ideas from my work by talking about projects with friends, floating ideas by homies or hearing ideas of what people want to make. I also like the Emily Carr library, so many rad books.

Tell us about the shirt you're designing for The Shop Vancouver. So i’ve been wanting to design a shirt for the shop for a while, designing t-shirts can be weird, you want to make something that everyone including yourself would want to wear. I hope to make something that represents the vibe of the shop with a super illustrative style. I also like when t-shirts are under-designed and not overly photoshopped. I was thinking of drawing a reaper drinking a coffee wearing a shop shirt, or something like that, something lighthearted yet gnarly and metal at the same time, maybe i’ll just draw my favoirte things to draw and write “The Shop” in the middle of it. 

Source: www.alibruce.com

Guest Spot: TJ Schneider, Born Free Pre-Party

It's fucking cool because you'll never meet a guy that so many people are stoked on, be so stoked on other people. This past weekend Tj got to go stoke-out down south in Inglewood California for the Born Free 7 Pre-Party at the Garage Company. When you see The Shop Vancouver van roll through Born Free this summer, make sure you come say hi! Here's Tj's words on his trip:

It’s been a few years since I’ve been to a bike event down in California. 

When we sponsored Born Free this year, I didn’t want to be like most companies that just show up and try to make their money back. 

For us at The Shop, this event is about supporting an event and people that really made a difference in my life. 

I wonder if I hadn’t gone down to Born Free, maybe I wouldn’t have met Brett ( co-founder of The Shop Vancouver ) Maybe I wouldn’t have had a reason to talk to Grant and Harpoon at Agenda years ago about their brand FMA… Who knows , maybe I wouldn't have been so mind blown and fallen so head over heels in love with the vintage bikes I swoon over every day. 

When I went to Born Free originally, I had already finished my first chopper. 

I loved that bike, but what I saw that day changed my idea of what was possible with them. 

Bikes like The High Little pony inspired me to build a Triumph, Paint from Gen Love Ear Art, inspired me to do my own paint work… 

The show inspired The Spit n Shine… The level of inspiration is literally too much for me to explain.. and has led to us now not only being sponsors of the show, but being invited to be a part of elements I never thought possible with the Art and Fuel exhibition by Throttle Addiction and Chop Cult. 

I went down to this weekends event to show and let people really know how grateful we are to be a part of this event. 

I went down to see old friends, meet people we do business with and meet so many of the people we interact with on the daily via our online lives. 

I mean shit, thats what this is all about right… it’s social media, Its about being social, not being the coolest fucker on the block. 

I had great intentions of shooting tons of flicks, but got caught up in checking out peoples bikes, their paint, shaking hands, giving hugs and being stoked. 

Here are a few of my moments from Saturdays event at Garage Company. 

I spent a good amount of time with Wil Thomas of TriCo.. Wills 47FL is a true Beauty. We stopped in to see Wil the day before at his store, it feels like a home away from home of us. 

Ben the Boog, paint by Spagetty

Ben the Boog, paint by Spagetty

Als bike of Black Board Cafe

Als bike of Black Board Cafe

Unknown artist: Awesome bubbles.

Unknown artist: Awesome bubbles.

Because I was recently invited to take part in the Throttle Addiction Art and Fuel 2 exhibition, I spent a good amount of time tripping out over the paint. 

I love the old paint bikes and have so many ideas of what I would like to do for my tanks… I also spent a good amount of time saying “ fuck look how great this is” only to realize that those tanks were painted by Gen, Spagetty or Harpoon, 3 of the very talented artists of the 9 others in the show… I’m nervous. 

Theres something about Old Paint… to me it doesn’t matter if its the rarest old Knuckle with original paint that's perfect or some weird old rusted out shit box. There is nothing better. 

Yoshi, has an eye. I love the set up of this space.

Chris Mumma has a BEAUTIFUL Pan that was put together by Jason of ATR. This one caught my eye from across the street earlier in the day, I was stoked I was able to grab a second flick as Chris waited for his Home Boi before jamming out. 

I love this shit!