Riders On The Norm

My buddy Andy Carter of Pangea Speed is on the new episode of Riders On The Norm: "A podcast dedicated to choppers, Rock N' Roll, & everything in-between." Andy isn't my first buddy who is involved with this podcast, ROTN are in contact with lots of rad people doing relevant and awesome things in the community such as Lana MacNaughton, Chase Stopnik & JP Rodman. Listen to Andy's episode below or check out the long list of episodes at http://r1dersonthenorm.libsyn.com

On The Spot: Melissa Lynn Gee "Moldie Goldie"

"I met Melissa at Born Free 7. She had a very positive and inspirational aura that radiated off of her. At Babes Ride Out 3, we both got separated from our friends when we got put into lines based on the spelling of our names and we ended up hanging out for the next 3 days. She solo rode home from SoCal all the way to SLC after a week of riding around the state, sleeping on the dirt beside her bike, and helping me wash gas out of my eyeballs. Melissa runs Moldie Goldie and makes mega-creative swimsuits, shirts and intimates by-hand for a living. Keep an eye out for this lady if you don't already know about her, she's doing some really rad things and doesn't look like she's slowing down anytime soon."

ASL: 28/f/SLC, UT

The best trip you've ever been on? The best trip I've ever been on is the trip i just got back from. It was my first solo moto trip to Joshua Tree and Southern California and I rode my boyfriends 883 Sporty. It was 10 days of new friends, old friends, burritos, beaches, babes, lots of time to think, and my ears ringing every night before bed.

Tell us something that's on your bucket list. Some things on my bucket list are to fly an airplane and travel the world, or fly the airplane around the world, that'd be sweet.

If we came over to your house for dinner, what would you make us? for dinner I would make you deluxe freaky frito pie over a campfire cuz thats my speciality! and probably Reese's Cup smores for dessert.

Favourite Instagram page you follow? UHH its so hard to pick a fav Instagram, but @puppyteeth has me laughing all the time with his crazy, original doodles.

Do you ride with any women? I do ride with a few girls here and there in SLC, but mostly alone or with my boyfriend and his friends.

What's your bike(s)? I own a 1979 Honda CB400t, its my first bike and was given to me by a friend that didn't ride it anymore! Im gonna ride that mo fo to the ground!!!

For more of Melissa and her work, check out www.moldiegoldies.com