Harley Davidson Project Livewire

We ripped out to Barnes Harley Davidson in Langley to check out these electric Harley's we've been hearing about. They had a big booth set up with a Jumpstart machine and a couple demo bikes hanging around so we got the chance to rip some around. 

They call them "Project Livewire" and they are 100% electric. There was zero sound when you turned them on and there was also zero clutch. You touch the throttle and you go. I was expecting it to feel weird for sure, but this thing was totally zippy and had no problem slowing down even without the use of breaks. 

Overall, the thing was cool and felt sturdy as fuck but I don't know if I'll be purchasing one when they hit the market. The sound was so quiet that it felt like I was not on a motorcycle and I really did miss shifting gears...

So we decided to check out some baggers. I think this look is more suiting of Andrew.