One Time I Rode...

Melly brings insanely positive vibes to the Vancouver motorcycle community. She is a writer, a teacher, and a badass rider. Recently, she hosted a "Motorcycle Storytelling" night and offered to write about it for Road Apples, so here it is!

“One Time I Rode…” – A Motorcycle Storytelling Night by Melly Kage

Last weekend the first ever “One Time I Rode…” motorcycle storytelling night took place at the community hub, The Shop Vancouver. The place was filled with old and new friends, who all came out to hear some stories of the speakers I curated from my circle of riders. We shared love stories about certain bikes, adventures of being stranded by the side of the road or flying down a perfect highway, memories about the first exhilarating, infecting time in the saddle or about the last metres of rolling along before you drop down or the engine gives up, and nostalgia about cruising around with your sisters and brothers or scary solo endeavours. The night had everything from poetic to hilarious, from thoughtful to light-spirited, from long narrations to short anecdotes. After the five slotted storytellers, some guests from the crowd got inspired, went to the front and spontaneously told their own tales – I believe every rider has at least one. 

I have been planning this event for a while, and for several reasons. First of all, I am very passionate about stories, reading, writing, listening and telling them! It often seems to me that it is a lost art or a neglected skill: to tell a good tale, to be present and share something from the heart, mind or personal experience that is longer than a caption, more direct than a text message and deeper than a photo – as much as I love beautiful imagery and quick connection, I think communication and true bonding thrive on words, and get even better with eye contact and in 3D. 

The second reason is, that storytelling about motorcycles is a great way to bridge the times without riding, for example when you are injured, your bike refuses to run, the rain never stops or the winter brings minus double-digit windchill. Reminiscing old and recent anecdotes of the best or worst two-wheeled travels ever, or even presenting dreamy ideas about future roadtrips gets people pumped to jump on their motorbikes and go on the next ride, ready for whatever story it will bring. 

This first round of “One Time I Rode…” was a lot of fun, and Volume 2 is already planned: it will happen on May 11th at the Carnegie Branch of the Vancouver Public Library. I am thrilled to combine my love for riding, writing and bringing people together with this kind of event, and look forward to Volume 3 in a dirty garage, Volume 4 being an all-women storytelling night and so on and so on. Ride ride ride everyone, and keep making stories to tell!

Photos by: Tj Schneider

Words by: Melly Kage

Strathcona Tattoo 1 Year Anniversary Party

Strathcona Tattoo had their 1 year anniversary party this weekend in Vancouver. Jesse Albert had his crew along with guest tattooer D-Boy Shanchez doing walk-ins all day. I dropped by the shop around 2 and the guys were so rammed that I had to come back after closing time. These guys pumped out some wicked tattoos and had all their customers full of beers and pretzels all day long. Afterwards, the party continued two doors down at The Heatley where Elliot "River Wolf" played some of his records. Strathcona gave out 100 free beers and there were door prizes raffled off which were donated by local companies like The Shop Vancouver, Born A Bad Seed, Rish Jewelry and of course a couple hours of tattoo time. The local shops in Vancouver do an awesome job, thanks for a good night!!

Hawks Nest

The Hawks Nest in one of many East Vancouver workshop spaces. The boys in this spot are pretty funny to be around, and they've got a lot of cooks in the kitchen but they always seem to make shit run! Here's their space:

Becky Goebel
Benny Kauz
Them Road Apples
Road Apples
Becky Goebel
Becky Goebel

Bikes: Benny Kauz, Blaine Connolly, Andrew Grace, AJ McAllister, KC Winacott, Cory Gallon, Fuddy and probably one of these bikes is Tory Potoroka's in one way or another.

Stay Wild Fall Issue: Release Party

Becky Goebel

I had a chance to write a two-page article about The Dream Roll for the Fall issue of Stay Wild Magazine. They're hosting a release party tomorrow night in Vancouver, BC at The Shop Vancouver (432 Columbia St.) from 6-9pm. The first 25 people through the door will get their hands on a limited-run Stay Wild patch (pictured above). There will also be Postmark beer for sale and free kombucha from the Brew Dr. Kombucha team. Come drop by, pick up your free copy of the magazine and say hi!

Spit N' Shine Review by Lowbrow

Mikey Revolt from Lowbrow Customs flew up to Vancouver to shoot photos at the 3rd annual Spit N' Shine. This dude takes killer photos and just posted up a killer blog post with words and all. Check it out here. Damn I love BC!

Mikey Revolt Photo

Mikey Revolt Photo

Mikey Revolt Photo

Mikey Revolt Photo

Mikey Revolt Photo

Mikey Revolt Photo

Dream Roll in Less Than 2 Weeks!

I've been super busy with the Dream Roll event which is coming up in less than 2 weeks! Lanakila and I have been hammering out a ton of rad shit for this event and I can't wait to see it go down. The first ever Dream Roll is going to be something to see for sure. 

For my hometown ladies in Vancouver, I've put together this "Pre-Dream Roll" ride for Friday afternoon. We will meet at The Shop Vancouver at 5:30pm and ride up Mount Seymour. Quick rip and good talks about everyones plans. Even if you're not attending Dream Roll, you are totally welcome to come as well! 

New Roller Mag

New issue of Roller Magazine is out and features a pretty rad couple pages featuring Born Free 7. This mag is totally Japanese but we've been getting it at The Shop Vancouver for quite some time and it's fucking cool anyway. 

These dudes also have a rad blog on their website with a ton of photos from Born Free posted up, lots of vendor booth photos too which is cool. Pick up a copy if you can find one!

'Mikey Revolt' Photo Show

Mikey Revolt from Forever The Chaos Life flew into Vancouver to put on a photo show during the Spit N' Shine weekend hosted by The Shop Vancouver. It was a killer kick off night and the beers were flowing (I feel like I say that a lot... we're always on the beers). Mikey is a rad dude and also does social media and other cool things for Lowbrow Customs so he's got a lot going on. Really great to meet everyone who came up over the past week and super excited for this to happen next summer!

Dude knows how to take a killer photo that's for sure. There was a couple bike builders who came up from Seattle on their bikes as well. There's Dalans bike pictured below.

Ashley had a baby that morning but that didn't stop him from crushing the 'Dad Bike' down to the show. 

Cory Jarman from San Fran also had a section at the show featuring his paintings. Check out his site here.

We got out for a ride with Mikey and his wife one night and it was pretty crazy. He takes photos like a mad man. He was on a bike he's never rode before on a road he's never rode before standing up on his pegs with no hands, looking through his camera, facing the wrong way in the wrong lane to get this shot (below). Love seeing behind the scenes shit like that. Hope to cross paths with you soon buddy!