Last night we checked out the premier of Mickey Bobby & Craig Snacks Grandfield #shotoverg1giveaway SHOTOVER contest submission at The American. These guys make some funny shit. Check out their video and vote for them cos' they're creative and deserve it more than the other nerds who want to win stuff. Just watch the vid below & vote HERE

Strange Vacation Moto Rugby

The ladies at Strange Vacation let me review their pullover sweater they call the 'Moto Rugby'. It's cold as fuck up here in Vancouver right now, so it was pretty good timing. This long sleeve is a thick cotton with extra elbow padding that feels really good under a jacket. I'm weirdly lanky so the extra long sleeves rule. I'm wearing an X-Small in the pictures below by Blaine Connolly. It's listed on their website here: www.strangevacation.com

Women's Moto Exhibit

My girl Lana who runs The Women's Moto Exhibit asked me to shoot for her in California last week. I didn't think anything of it since I'm always just running around taking photos of cool looking people, but it turned out to be a really awesome experience. Having an excuse to walk up to a rad looking lady, ask her about her bike and story and then get to take their photo is actually really satisfying and created some really awesome memories and new friends. 

Women's Moto Exhibit

This is Carla. I walked up to her in the desert and asked her about where she was from.

"I just rode from Torrance, California up to Canada then over to Sturgis. The ride was 3900 miles. I took this bike with my husband who has the same one, but his is black & blue."

For more babes and more stories check out Lana's site: www.womensmotoexhibit.com and her Instagram: @womensmotoexhibit

Pre-Dream Roll Ladies Ride

A couple BC ladies got together at The Shop Vancouver and cruised up Mount Seymour. These babes all have really rad plans of getting down to the Dream Roll on Thursday/Friday. I got to learn about their routes, ideas and time frames. Some of them are heading over to the islands and taking multiple ferries throughout the coast before cruising in-land to the mountains. Some are straight shooting it Friday morning and some are driving with their cool little vintage bikes in the back of their trucks.

Even though we left at rush hour, our group stuck together all the way through the city. We managed to stay in a group even through 3 lane lane-switches and busy merges onto the bridge. It was pretty funny and every lady that showed up was just such awesome vibes.

Mount Seymour is one of my favourite rides. As soon as you hit the base of the mountain heading up, the road splits into 2 lanes and there is no cars in sight. It feels so cool to be riding in little groups of 4. I absolutely love watching ladies ride in person. Not able to talk to each other or use your phone and just be in the zone and be with each other brings us together in some weird way.

This little cruise got me so excited for next weekend. Can't wait to do this x10000 at the base of Mount Adams, WA in less than a week!

Dream Roll in Less Than 2 Weeks!

I've been super busy with the Dream Roll event which is coming up in less than 2 weeks! Lanakila and I have been hammering out a ton of rad shit for this event and I can't wait to see it go down. The first ever Dream Roll is going to be something to see for sure. 

For my hometown ladies in Vancouver, I've put together this "Pre-Dream Roll" ride for Friday afternoon. We will meet at The Shop Vancouver at 5:30pm and ride up Mount Seymour. Quick rip and good talks about everyones plans. Even if you're not attending Dream Roll, you are totally welcome to come as well! 

Spit N' Shine 3

The 3rd Annual Shop Vancouver Spit N' Shine went down on Saturday over at Crab Park in Vancouver. Bikes started showing up an hour before the thing was even suppose to start and we knew it was going to be big. It was about 5 times bigger than it was last year, so good thing we hosted it in a massive parking lot instead of trying to have it on the closed off block in front of The Shop. 

TJ called out the name of the first ticket pulled for the 2006 Paul Smart Ducati and the dude was standing right in the front all ready with all of his tickets. It was pretty awesome to see someone actually be there win it. 

Pretty hyped on this weekend and all the people that came from out of town to be a part of it. We had the dude who won Best In Show at Born Free 7 hanging around with his winning bike as well as some Portland folk and photographer Mikey Revolt who flew in from Ohio. Always a good weekend to be around and a good warm up before Disaster Daze happens this coming weekend!

Here's the full-length event video made by Blaine Connolly who's been putting them out there lately.

3rd Annual Spit n Shine from Blaine Connolly on Vimeo.

3rd Annual Spit n Shine hosted by The Shop Vancouver

The Shop Spin N' Shine Weekend

If you're in Vancouver this weekend and ride a bike/have a bike/like bikes/saw a bike once, you probably already know about all the shit that's going on around here. If you don't well I will tell you. Tomorrow (Friday) all the friends are coming to town and Mikey Revolt is putting on a photo show at The Shop Vancouver. It will be a party and I will be there drinking beers. 

The next morning is The Spit N' Shine where is normally located on the closed off street in front of The Shop but last year was too busy so this year, we're holding it down at one of the big lots in Crab Park which is walking distance from The Shop. Tons more room for a swap meet, food, music and lots more bikes, plus it's right down on the ocean. There will be an after party Saturday at SBC Skateboard which is in the area as well. If you're not in Vancouver, get the fuck up here and hangout with us!