The Shop Spin N' Shine Weekend

If you're in Vancouver this weekend and ride a bike/have a bike/like bikes/saw a bike once, you probably already know about all the shit that's going on around here. If you don't well I will tell you. Tomorrow (Friday) all the friends are coming to town and Mikey Revolt is putting on a photo show at The Shop Vancouver. It will be a party and I will be there drinking beers. 

The next morning is The Spit N' Shine where is normally located on the closed off street in front of The Shop but last year was too busy so this year, we're holding it down at one of the big lots in Crab Park which is walking distance from The Shop. Tons more room for a swap meet, food, music and lots more bikes, plus it's right down on the ocean. There will be an after party Saturday at SBC Skateboard which is in the area as well. If you're not in Vancouver, get the fuck up here and hangout with us!