Dream Roll Instagram Contest

We're giving away a $200 Biltwell gift certificate on March 20th to the winner of our #DreamRoll 2017 ticket image winner. We shipped out the first batch of Dream Roll tickets last week & launched this contest: 

Take a picture with your ticket of of your ticket, post it on Instagram and hashtag #DreamRoll2017 

We will announce the winner on the 20th through our Instagram: @thedreamroll

Riders on the Norm

I am super stoked to be on the newest episode of Riders on the Norm! Check it out below. Thanks for having me guys!!

"Becky (@actuallyitsaxel) joins us this week to talk about all the events she has going on. From Loserpaloooza in Vancouver to The Dream Roll in Washington state, this chick has a lot on her plate! We discuss vintage dirt bikes, the link between snowboarding and bikes, and what it takes to put on Vancouver's largest moto inspired show. Follow her on instagram @actuallyitsaxel @thedreamroll @loserpaloooza and check out her blog Them Road Apples"

Dream Roll 2017 Women's Skateboarding COLLAB

Lana & I are stoked to announced that we have teamed up with Mahfia TV, Skate Like A Girl, & The Skate Witches for The Dream Roll 2017! We'll have a mini ramp out in the woods, skate lessons, swimming at waterholes, and live music. Get your ticket ASAP at www.dreamroll.com & use promo code "SKATE" to receive a free sticker pack from Mahfia TV and The Skate Witches. First 20 ticket purchases will also get a free Skate Witches Zine and Dream Roll tube socks! 

The Dream Roll

If you have already bought your Dream Roll 2017 ticket, don't worry. You can still get your hands on some wicked free stuff. In the next couple months, we will be giving away more socks, product from Biltwell & product from our sponsors through our Instagram page: @thedreamroll. The socks will also be available soon on the Dream Roll website & of course, at the event at our merch booth!

Dream Roll, 3 days.

Pretty crazy its already been a year since the first Dream Roll. This years' event is coming up this weekend and things start with a Strange Vacation kick off party in Portland on Thursday night. For more information on tickets, addresses etc. visit www.dreamroll.com.

Here is the schedule for this years event:




11-1 - Meet at Two Stroke Coffee for a meet up and ride out to The Dream Roll 

Address: 8926 N Lombard St, Portland, OR 97203

Registration: Starts @ 3:00 pm

3-5pm - Arrivals and Registration:  Everyone needs to sign a waiver before entering camp

6-3am - Music, food, tattoos, beer and fun


7- 10 - Breakfast: Fruit, Juice, Coffee $2.00

Full breakfast available at lodge for $12 Email: flyingl@mt-adams.com

9 - 10:30 - Day Rides

1-:5 - GET OUT AND HAVE FUN! We will have a food truck at the location for lunch and dinner

• women are of course welcome to come back to camp at anytime during the day

5 - Dinner ( Food Trucks or go to town for some food)

6-7:30- Biker games & Raffle

7:30 -11 Live bands, food, beer, tattoos, fun, games


7-10 Breakfast

11: Clean up camp and head out!


The Wild Ones

We have announced another killer moto trip that consists of motorcycling around parts of Europe, meeting other ladies motorcyclists and having a dream ride come true. It's called "The Wild Ones" and it will be taking place throughout the entire month of July, 2016.

"The Wild One’s tour celebrates the courage and spirit of women motorcyclists’, inspiring others to explore without boundaries. This July, The Women's Moto Exhibit will ride on motorcycles through the Alps; starting in Austria, moving through Switzerland and ending in Italy. The journey will begin in the small village of Meiming, Austria, travel through the breathtaking Rechen pass, through the hundreds of tight switchbacks of the Oberlap Pass in Switzerland, to the witch shaped mountain of The Matterhorn, and end in the Dolomites of Italy.Not only will the ladies visit historic landmarks and events, they will also meet and connect with communities of women motorcyclists along the way. Their goal is to inspire and share stories; to illustrate that women are capable of anything. Lanakila MacNaughton, photographer of The Women’s Moto Exhibit, will document the journey and share it with the world in real time. Lanakila’s work has been published in many media outlets, including Oprah Magazine, People, Huffington Post, and Elle Online. Her work has been seen as representing this new generation of women riders. The trip is Lanakila’s foray into European territory.

Wanderlust and travel are an endless search for clarity and understanding. This trip will be an adventure and to adventure is to be alive."

The Wild Ones

For more information on routes, meet-ups or how to get involved, visit http://www.womensmotoexhibit.com/the-wild-ones/

On The Spot: Brooke Worrel

Brooke is one of those badass babes who you hear of a hundred times before you actually meet her. She hand makes leather goods, some that you have most likely seen before cus’ they’ve been worn by some seriously famous people. Everything from custom bootstraps to fringed out leather chaps, this lady could make you anything your leather heart desires. Brooke is a bad biker lady too and has some old school Easy Rider vibes around her when she’s smoking darts and riding her big bikes around California. If you ever get the chance to sit down with this one, do it. But in the meantime, here’s her On The Spot answers:

A/S/L: 33/F/Los Angeles

The best trip you’ve ever been on?: Oh boy, so many good trips, so many hijinks! My 2009 and 2012 rides to Sturgis were pretty amazing - both times were a 2 girls, 1 bike scenario with really good girlfriends and between the two trips there were beautiful rides, insane weather, near death, a night in jail and meeting so many people on the road that I still call friends today. Oh and my Mexico adventures with my Grandpa - he was somewhat estranged from my family, I hadn’t seen him since I was 8 but we reconnected in my 20’s over our love of motorcycles and I spent the last 2 years of his life flying down to Mexico where he lived every few months for little 3 to 4 day trips with him and his bikes. Just me and this 86 year old wildcat riding from Guadalajara to Puerta Vallarta, down the coast of Jalisco, around Lake Chapala, to the leather mecca of Léon. He was something special for sure.

Hell Bent Leather

Tell us something that’s on your bucket list. Riding to Alaska. A Coast to coast trip also. I see both happening sooner than later. Oh and non-motorcycle related - my boyfriend, Jackson is a helicopter pilot and has been looking into these seasonal jobs flying for the research centers in Antarctica. The only people up there are people working for the research centers, but they need people to do day to day jobs as well, like working in the general store, answering the phones etc. So someday we’ll both make it down there for a season and see a part of the world very few people ever do.

How'd you get into leather working and why are you so good at it? Oh, well thank you! Well the answer to both of those questions is my amazing genius mentor, Agatha Blois. When I moved out to LA 10 years ago, I met her through a mutual friend and just fell in love with her and everything she did. So I pestered her for almost a year to let me be her assistant - she worked alone at the time - until finally she did! I pretty much learned everything I know from her, and I took some classes at the Trade Tech to learn how to sew better and make patterns. Working for her was just the coolest - I got to make leather stage gear for all of my rock n roll idols. Rob Halford, Motley Crüe, Billy Idol, Slash, ugh, so many… She’s an absolute rock n roll biker goddess and we’ve been through a lot together. So even though I’ve been solo for about a year, we still help each other out.

All Hell Brooke Loose

What's the thing you made that you're the most stoked on? After everything I make, I always say “this one’s my favorite!” haha. The leather jackets are always so satisfying because they’re such a bitch to make but then when I see them on the people they’re made for, fitting perfectly and exactly what I envisioned, the (literal) blood, sweat and tears fly out the window and my heart just swells! I’ve been making these sick 5 pocket leather jeans that totally rule too - tight as fuck, rockstar pants that are so great to ride in. I think the best is still yet to come tho...

If we came over to your house for dinner, what would you make us? Uh, I’m not in the kitchen very much these days, Jackson’s the cook. I’d have him fire up the smokers and make you some of his delicious Kansas City style BBQ.

Favourite Instagram page you follow? There are so many good creators on IG these days! I loooove @bh.and.br - super cute boots that you can actually ride in, aaaaaand you can customize the leather! Also, @hollywoodriffraff makes amazing custom rockstar boots (I’m obsessed with shoes, sorry) - one day I’ll get a pair of Lemmy boots… And on a lighter note, @fashiondads_ - I’ve submitted SO many photos of my dad, someday he’ll be featured and my life will be complete.

Do you ride with any women? : I’m not a big group ride girl, but I have my ride or dies that I like to go on trips with.

What’s your bike(s)?: 2008 Sportster 1200 and 2008 Dyna Street Bob

For more information on Brooke and her brand, Hell Bent Leather, check out her site: www.http://hellbentleather.com

Instagram: @shophellbentleather


On The Spot: Brittany Wood

I met Brittany online long before I ever met her in person. She's one of those people who you'll see support her buddies in the most positive and selfless way. When I met her in real life times, she was no different. Brittany is a totally successful, down to earth and badass little lady... Plus, she's got a dog named Pizza. I'm glad to now be able to call her my friend. A couple weekends ago we spent a few days in the desert riding around in the sunshine where I asked her the Road Apples : On The Spot questions and took this chill ass photo of her badass-ness 

A/S/L: 26/Female/Los Angeles 

The best trip you’ve ever been on?: Hm, there’s so many trips I want to do, but so far my favorite trip has been Borrego, California. That place is so magical , and so alien to me. It’s out in the middle of nowhere, with these monstrous sculptures, and abandoned hotels. It looks like a post-appocolyptic Palm Springs.

Tell us something that’s on your bucket list.

I’ve only really ridden around California, so it’s been a huge goal of mine to venture past my homeland’s boarders, and do some exploring across the US. BUT, with the way it’s looking, I’ll be doing some roaming through Europe with the ladies of VCMC, before that US trip happens.

If we came over to your house for dinner, what would you make us?

PFT! What WOULDN’T I make!? Just kidding…I’m a terrible cook. Maybe grilled vegetables, because that’s all I can make/eat. Hope that’s cool with you?

Favourite Instagram page you follow?

Lately I’ve been pretty obsessed with @PumpkinTheRaccoon, because c’mon…raccoons. I also love following @tamararaye, @mouthfulofjoy, and @anyavioleteuniverse. They’re three incredibly rad, talented women who are literally kicking ass, and are people I really look up to in the moto scene. I’ve always wanted to try my luck on the track, and I feel rather envious of their skill, and confidence doing so

Do you ride with any women? : 

Yup, but I wouldn’t call us an “MC." I do have a pretty tight knit crew of ladies I can regularly text at 6am, and be like “Get your hungover ass out of bed, and let’s ride,” but I’m always up for riding with different people - men and women. I feel like I’m a rather social person, so I love the fact that riding has opened the doors to so many friendships with women who share my passion. 

What’s your bike(s)?:

It’s a rusted up ‘93 HD Sportster XL1200

Bernadette Murphy: Harley and Me

A good friend of mine, Bernadette Murphy, has put her love for motorcycles and specifically her Harley into words. Bernadette started riding motorcycles at age 48 and tells her story about conquering her fears as well as overcoming stereotypes, life struggles and the process of learning to ride. This book is not released until May but I have had the chance to get my hands on it early enough to let you know it is worth a read.